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I am Luca Leon Happel, a 24-year-old Student in Düsseldorf and a top-100 on GitHub in categories like physics-engines and rigid-body-dynamics. My interests include mathematics, computer science, technology and lots more. I work as a programmer for monti.ai and as a student assistant at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.


Achievement Place Duration
Elementary school Erich-Kästner Grundschule 2006-2010
Gymnasium Gymnasium an der Gartenstraße 2010-2018
Bachelor of Mathematics HHU Düsseldorf 2018-2022
Bachelor of Computer-Science HHU Düsseldorf 2018-*


  • KoMa (conference of german speaking mathematics student associations) 2022 in Jena
    • We discussed general mathematics, studying mathematics at german universities and the future of mathematics
    • I discussed differential forms especially
  • Lean for the Curious Mathematician 2023 in Düsseldorf
    • We discussed Lean, a theorem prover and functional programming language
    • I implemented the code for exterior algebras in Lean with a small team of professors and Eric Wieser

Work experience

Experience Employer Duration
2-week work internship ProVita 2017
Lifeguard NEW Volksbad Mönchengl. 2018
Research assistant for computer-aided linear algebra Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf 2020-2021
Research assistant for computer-aided linear algebra Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf 2021-2022
SHK for abstract algebra Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf 2022-2022
Programmer and founder at monti.ai monti.ai 2022-*


Award Source Date
Winner of “best game under development” with “Relic Hunters Zero” Brazilian indie games festivals 2015 2015
Top-100 physics-engine programmer xscode.com archive.org 2021
Top-100 rigid-body-dynamics programmer xscode.com archive.org 2021
Top-1000 canvas-technology developer xscode.com archive.org 2021
Top-150.000 programmer xscode.com archive.org 2021

Some other skills

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  • “Advanced” knowledge of mathematics
    • aiming for a Master degree in mathematics
  • Programming knowledge
    • Top 50 programmer in physics-engines and rigid-body-dynamics as well as top 1000 canvas-technology, and top 150,000 GitHub developer (Source: www.xscode.com/profile/quoteme)
    • actively programming since age 13 (2012)
    • a lot of experience in (>50 Projects): - JavaScript
      • NodeJS
      • CSS
      • HTML
      • Markdown
    • advanced experience in (>10 Projects): - Haskell - Python (multiple courses in university)
    • studied in university/school: - Python
      • JAVA
      • C
      • Assembler
      • PHP
      • SQL
      • UML diagrams
    • extraordinary experiences’
      • codeveloper of relic hunters zero
        • 95% positive reviews from 6,444 (2020)
        • winner of the “best game under development Brazilian indie games festivals 2015”
        • honorable mention in “battle of games VI festival Cindemundo 2014”
  • Social expertise
    • very social, patient and reliable
    • resilient in stressful situations
    • children tend to like me
    • always open to new cultures, experiences, people,…
  • Languages - native in German - fluent in English - basic understanding of Turkish